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We, team Jonaki, a group of enthusiastic people initiated this to work at the grassroots level to bring a positive change in the lives of the needy who are deprived of the fundamental rights of life due to any adverse situations or are affected by any natural calamity or disaster. A person in need will have all the possible assistance from us. 



Ranajay Kar, a 4-year old resident of Agarpara, West Bengal lives with his single mother who has no income due to COVID-19 lockdown which led to deficiency of basic amenities required for the up-bringing of the child so Jonaki provided him with food, ration, new clothes, chocolates, cake, chips, etc. We also provided some books and stationary items necessary for his education. In return, Jonaki succeeded to bring a priceless smile on his face.



We visited Arunima Manna, aged about 9 years, a resident of Biswalaxmi Tala Road, near Ajanta Cinema Hall, Behala. Arunima is suffering from Thalassemia and she requires 2 units of blood every month. As a part of our PROJECT SMILE initiative we have arranged blood for this month and have also promised that we will try our best to arrange blood for her for the rest of this year. Also we would appreciate involvement from your all as volunteers who can donate blood for this cause and hand over the blood unit cards to us and be a big helpful part of her fight.

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