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West Bengal is renowned for its rich heritage and traditional handicrafts that showcase the state's unique cultural diversity. Jonaki'r Haat, an initiative by Jonaki Welfare Trust, is a marketplace that supports the traditional handicrafts of West Bengal that not only promote the state's art and craft but also provide a platform for the local artisans to showcase their talent and earn a livelihood. The marketplace features a range of handicrafts, including Wooden Crafts, Dokra Art, Handloom Sarees, Kantha Embroidery, Clay Pottery, to name a few. By providing access to a wider audience, Jonaki'r Haat enables artisans to receive fair prices for their work, and support the preservation of these traditional crafts. In addition, Jonaki'r Haat would also offer training and support to the artisans to improve their skills and enhance the quality of their products. Overall, Jonaki'r Haat a marketplace that supports the traditional handicrafts of West Bengal would play a vital role in preserving the state's cultural heritage while also promoting sustainable livelihoods for its artisans.

Note : - Jonaki Welfare Trust do not take any profit from this initiative. The amount is used for the welfare of the artisans, their family and education of their children.

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