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Jonaki is basically a union of a bunch of enthusiastic people, separated by current geographical locations, nature of employment, personality, fame but UNITED by the motto of HUMANITARIANISM and PHILANTHROPY.


Children are considered to be the future of our country. But not all in this world are that privileged. We, team Jonaki, will target to reach out to homeless children, orphans, specially challenged children with all our efforts to bring back smile in their faces.Also we would love to extend our support to old-age homes, specially challenged asylums, under developed rural areas. We would also try to reach out physically to areas hit by natural calamities with maximum possible aids. 


People nowadays are always keen on helping someone considering the current situation of the country and Jonaki will be a platform by means of which your contribution will reach its correct destination. It is the small tokens of kindness from everyone's heart which are the real foundation and pillars of Jonaki to aid the wish of everyone's heart to beat for a better world for human.

Let's unite together to bring a change in the lives of the needy as a firefly enlightens in the darkness.

Helping Hands
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